Haiba Governance


The Governance structure of the organization comprises a board of trustees, an executive team and several committees. The members of the board include the original first trustees of the organization and co-opted members.

The executive team of a chairman, secretary, treasurer and two other members oversee the day to day functions, strategy development & implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Current board members include: Asha Mohammed (immediate past Chair), Saidi Hassan (immediate past vice Chair), Kassim Abbas (secretary), Hassan Mohammed (Chairman), Ahmed Kalebi (member), Mrs. Mariam Alambo (member), Mrs. Arafa Kenji (member), Mrs. Mariam Gharib (Vice Chairperson).

The Executive team comprises Zuena Twaha (Chairperson), Abdulhamid Ebrahim (member), Mohammed Aman (secretay), Hamza Nasser (treasurer), Ajak Yusuf(member)

The programs of the organization are facilitated via committees. The committees of Haiba and respective chairs are highlighted below:

Committee Chair Members Programs
Education Rajab Bilal Rajab Bilal, Abdalla Yassin, Amisa Koor, Hamza Nasser, Mariam Kassim Education services, Mentorship program, Youth development
Community Resillience Musa Diyar Musa Diyar, Mohammed Musa, Mariam Gharib, Sauda Twaha, Mohammed Jaffer, Aisha Swaib Ramadhan Assistance, Resillience, Environment, Leadership
Fund Raising & Networking Abdulaziz Hassan Abdulaziz Hassan, Ahmed Kalebi, Hassan Mohammed, Arafa Kenji Fund raising, Networking, Donor relations
Communication/IT Ajak Yusuf Ajak Yusuf, Ahmed Yusuf Website Management, Content Development, Visibility, Automation