About Haiba

Haiba Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in 2004 as a tool for resource mobilization for development. It is based in Kibera, Nairobis largest informal settlement. Its primary aim is to improve the outlook of the future of the youths in Kibera. Haiba Foundation is sober to the fact that life in the inner city is a self-perpetuating ring of poor academic performance, dropping out of school, unemployment, lost youth and social vices. Haiba believes educational excellence is a practical way out of this cycle and a number of Haiba projects target the school-going youth.

Haiba board of management comprises individuals who have themselves experienced growing up needing. Their collective experience coupled with exposures to struggles by similar communities locally and internationally, bore this initiative. They bring to the organization individual expertise in the fields of education, health, finance and organizational management. It believes in self-determination and would support initiatives without letting ownership to individuals ad groups. The board recognizes the tremendous talents that exist within the community and it earnestly invites community figures to volunteer their time and resources to this initiative.

Our Vision

To be a top quality foundation committed to the uplifting of the lives of the inner city community of Kibera

Our Mission

An instrument of courage, motivation, educational excellence and fostering community values through empowering local people to take advantage of educational, employment and business opportunities.

Our Values

Sensitivity to the plight of humanity Selflessness Integrity Accountability

Our Objectives

  1. Promotion of education excellence through effort recognition and improved access.
  2. To support and strengthen youth capacity for group activities addressing their challenges.
  3. To support community based programs in Kibera addressing income generation and enhanced earning power.
  4. Health promotion: awareness of healthy lifestyles, HIV/AIDS, disease prevention.
  5. Encourage sports & fitness as means to keeping healthy and away from vices.

Haiba Operations

Haiba is run by board of trustees who serve on voluntary basis.
  1. Board composition: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.
  2. Committees: Finance and Investments, Education, Community Affairs, Public Relations.
  3. The trustees and committees work closely with grassroots-based groups.