Executive Summary

I am honoured to present a summary of activities for the year 2015

Haiba foundation has continued to keep to its vision over the years and 2015 was another milestone. The organisation managed to achieve the following calender activities:-

  1. Education award 2015 where 18 students were recognised for their academic performance.
  2. Mentees retreat program where 44 students underwent the mentorship program in Nakuru.
  3. The Ramadan iftar program.22 families were provided with food provisions to last them the entire month of Ramadan.

All these wouldn't have been possible without members commitment and support.

I therefore wish to thank all the Haiba foundation members and well wishers for their support and contributions made in cash and in kind.

We look forward to more fruitful engagements in 2016.


Hassan Mohamed

Chairperson,Haiba foundation