Community Resilience Program

Program Aim: To connect with the wider community and establish a culture of caring for others. Haiba hopes to promote a ‘giving culture that empathizes and fights for community uplifting’. Through the program, we aim to raise the community’s resilience through assistance programs to the needy, engagements with community on common ground issues, and offering our skills and knowledge to make Kibra better. Our Community services activities include the following programs:

  • Ramadhan/Iftar program.
  • Community resilience program .
  • Leadership

To date Haiba has supported over 100 families with its Ramadhan program. Moving forward, we purpose to break the cycle of support every Ramadhan period in terms of food rations to some of these families by engaging them beyond the food rations. Selected needy families will be empowered to engage in income generation activities for self-support.

Key achievements achieved under this program include:

  1. We have progressively increased support for needy families for the whole duration of Ramadhan.
  2. Four capacity enhancement workshops for youth groups.
  3. Key support from diaspora members, friends and EKDA solicited and sustained.
  4. Support from NUSO with the family identification and food distribution.
  5. Facilitation of community dialogue on the Kibra land issue.
  6. Participation at several other community fora addressing common concerns.

The organization will monitor the resilience program as a model for our enhanced engagement with the community.