Education & Mentoring Program

Program Aim: To establish, develop and maintain a pool of individuals with shared ideals and values who will grow to care. Haiba hopes to promote educational excellence at primary, secondary and tertiary levels through a caring mentoring process that values merit, hard work and reflection. Through the program, we aim to raise the community’s resilience through promotion of enhanced knowledge and skills through ‘giving’ by many with hearts to give back. We focus on the holistic improvement of our mentees and purpose our activities around the following program areas

  • Educational awards to recognize effort.
  • Mentorship and Personal development.
  • Youth empowerment skills.

To date Haiba has over 200 mentees at different stages of educational development. The program achievements include:

  1. Community perceptions around education is changing.
  2. A culture of excellence noticeable amongst the group of mentees.
  3. Eight excellence awards events organized to date with number of awardees increasing every year.
  4. Excellent working relationship with NUSO complements educational efforts.
  5. Five successful retreats for the group of mentees at which soft and life skills imparted. The last retreat attracted over 60 students.
  6. Parents have now partnered with Haiba to support Haiba educational activities.
  7. Increased Haiba mentorship assures a larger pool of professionals to match with mentees matches.

The organization will continue to innovate this program and address resource challenges, efficient mentor-mentee matching, career management and programs for youth out of school.