Education Awards 2016

The Education Excellence Awards, 24th April 2016 Report.

Venue: Kibra Academy, Salama, Kibra.

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Dear Haiba members, it is with great pleasure that Haiba Foundation board of Trustees submits this year’s Education Excellence Awards 2016 report. The awards ceremony was a resounding success because by the grace of Allah we had the barkahs of rain throughout the early morning yet;

  1. The Chief Guest Mrs. Summayya Hassan Athumani and other invited guests made to the venue largely on time.
  2. Almost all the awardees arrived early.
  3. Parents, guardians and friends of the awardees trooped in in large numbers.
  4. NUSO officials and members were tireless in their organization for the event.
  5. Most Haiba members graced the occasion.

The Guests

The Chief Guest was Mrs. Summayya Hassan Athumani, the CEO of the National Oil Corporation of Kenya. Other Honourable guests were;

  1. Mr. Khalfan Abdallah - Manager, Product Deveopment & Shariah Compliance, Gulf African Bank.
  2. Mr. Mustafa Gencher - Principal, Light Academy
  3. Mr. Sadrudeen Gelik - Omariah Trust
  4. Hon. Ken Okoth - Member of Parliament, Kibra Constituency
  5. Mr. Issa Abdulfaraj - Chair Nubian Council of Elders.
  6. Nubian Ambassadors.

The Speeches

Key Note Address

Mrs. Athumani gave a rousing and inspiring speech whose theme was education is a tool to enhance two things, Adaab (Good manners) and Khidmah (Service to humanity).

The thrust of her speech on Adaab, was to shun that which does not concern you and concentrate on what matters to your life here on earth and in the hereafter.

She reaffirmed the need to refocus on the boy child and also the fact that there are no jobs that inherently gender determined. She also alluded to the importance of being a team player in the work place because being a star with poor attitude is a sure path to disaster.

Mrs. Athumani committed to assisting youths open an LPG distribution business in Kibra and also advised the youth to join and form partnerships with each other so as not to limit growth to one’s own capacity.

Finally she stressed that effort is up to the individual and results are up to the Almighty.

Other Speeches

Mr. Khalfan Abdallah stressed on the need of education but more so education with values.

He advised all to ensure their earnings are from permissible means and to act with ethics and integrity always.

We learn to become problem solvers and not to promote social vices.

Mr. Khalfan promised to assist the youth through the Gulf Bank Foundation which gives bursaries to students with good scores and are focused. They are also willing to mentor some of the students.

Mr. Mustapha Gencher talked of the passion he has for education and gave special mention of the fact that 8 of the first class at Kabarnet Road were Nubians. He appreciated the special relationship that subsists with the community and promised to give a full scholarship to the top boy in the 2016 KCPE.

Honourable Ken Okoth, MP Kibra Constituency thanked Haiba for working closely with him in implementing his education policy whose underlying tenet is emphasis on quality and access.

He expessed his willingness to use CDF funds to build;

  1. A community social hall.
  2. A Secondary section of the Kibra Primary.

He implored the community to exploit academics, talent and placed great emphasis on values and morals to shape exemplary citizenry.

The Awards

1. Recognition of Dr. Shamim Omar, PhD for the exemplary achievements in academics.

2. KCSE awards

41 students were given prizes and certificates with the following top 3 being specially feted;
Name Grade Points
Yusuf Khalid A 84 Points
Mohammed Khalfan A- 77 Points
Abdulhamid Nassur A- 76 Points

3. KCPE awards

15 pupils were given various prizes and certificate for good performance in the 2015 KCPE. The following top 3 were specilally feted;
Name Marks
Hamida Musa Mohammed 411 marks
Maimuna Iddi Abbas 406 marks
Gharib Harun 389 marks

4. Special Recognition

Four (4) girls from Olympic High School were given Haiba Branded mugs with their names engraved as recognition for their selfless and hard work in school. This was on the recommendation of Amisa Koor, Haiba member.

Challenges Encountered

The challenges which included;

  1. Late submission of awardees names-about three were sent very late, even on the material date.
  2. Inadequate publicity and sensitization.
  3. Late participation of members.
  4. Improvement of diversity of the gift.
  5. Inadequacy of the venue.
  6. Late fundraising.

Lessons Learned

  1. For publicity increase media houses e.g Iqra. Use of social media.
  2. Haiba/Nuso awareness day to increase membership.
  3. Purpose to sensitize about KCPE list earlier.
  4. Enhanced internal communication will improve on the organization and participation in our events.
  5. We need to deepen membership of the Education Committee. Members interested in supporting this vital function are most welcome to volunteer themselves.
  6. Sharing of duties makes light work of delivering the function.
  7. Approach corporate sponsorships for gifts like phones or scholarships.

Attached with this report are the official awardees list and the programme.

The MC for the day was Abdulaziz Ali.

For: The Education Committee

Mr. Rajab Bilal