2015 Ramadhan Program Report


The theme for the reviewed HAIBA Foundation Strategic Plan for the period 2013-2018 is “Towards Excellence in Resource Mobilization for Community Development” where the vision is “We strive to make community dreams come true”. The mission of the Foundation is; “ to be an instrument of courage, motivation and fostering of community values through empowerment programs in education, innovation and building community resilience as guided by its Core values of; Integrity, Excellence, Compassion and Commitment with the main Objectives being :-

  • To strengthen and support community based programs in Kibra.
  • To strengthen and support youth groups and develop capacity for their activities.
  • To create and support income generating activities to address community economic challenges.
  • Promotion of education standards at both basic and tertiary levels through effort recognition, merit awards and scholarships.

In order to meet its mission, The Haiba Foundation Board has formed various committees that are mandated to ensure the foundation’s vision, mission and objectives are achieved. One of the committees formed is the Community Resilience Committee.


This committee as mandated by the Board is to formulate strategies for the support and strengthening of community based programs and organizations. Based on its objective to address community economic challenges which require it to be Sensitive to the plight of humanity and Selflessness, Haiba Foundation initiated the Ramadhan program in the year 2007. We are glad to report that we have successfully mounted this program each year, albeit with some logistical and financial difficulties since then. The Committee on the behalf of the Board, Haiba membership, stakeholders and well-wishers take this early opportunity to thank The Almighty Allah for giving us the opportunity to serve the community through this noble idea.


As mentioned earlier, the Ramadhan program was initiated in 2007. The objective was and remains to assist the needy members of the community to fulfill their obligatory requirement of fasting during the holy month of Ramadhan. The assistance, in form of foodstuff and other necessitates are distributed at the start of the Holy month. The Community resilience Committee which has been tasked with the responsibility of ensuring the successful implementation of this noble objective plans, mobilize resources, identify the needy families and distribute the foodstuffs on behalf of the Foundation.


The committee in order to successfully implement the program relies extensively on the review of the past functions. This ensures the challenges experienced during the previous implementation sessions of the program are avoided. Among the recurrent challenges experienced is in the selection of the really needy families of the community. It is normally observed at the time of distribution, one or two really needy families are missed out. In order to avoid these oversights, members of HAIBA Foundation are normally requested to nominate one or two needy families that should be considered for assistance. The names are then forward to the committee for compilation. The complied names are then ranked based on need assessment based on the views and observations of the members.

The program projected to provide foodstuffs that would cover each family for at least the full Ramadhan month. The actual number of beneficiary families for the year 2015 program was 22 families. This number was based on the foodstuffs and financial resources mobilized. The committee had targeted to support 20 families in the year 2015, but due to the resources mobilized, 22 families were supported. The distribution as has been the case during previous functions was delivered door to door. This gave the distribution team an opportunity to interact with the selected beneficiary families.



After the repackaging was completed, the team that also doubled as the distribution team came up with the logistics of how the distribution was to be carried out. Due to the bulkiness of items, the locations and number of families, the committee had to hire a pick-up truck which successfully completed the distribution task by making two trips. This team comprised of the; Members of the Resilience Committee, HAIBA, Nubian University Students Organization (NUSO) and volunteers well-wishers.


The committee wishes to conclude by thanking all those who made the 2015 Ramadhan program successful despite the challenges experienced. We had planned to assist 20 families but where able to assist 22 families surpassing our target. This is to call upon all the members to do all that is possible to ensure that we increase the number families to at least 30 families in the year 2016 Inshallah.

For: Community Resilience Program
Mr. Musa Diyar