Chairman's Report 2014

Asalam aleikum warahmatullahi wa barakatu

Dear Haiba members, it is yet another year in our journey of making the community dreams come true. The year 2014 has been great for us in the sense that there has been vigor and commitment from all members in terms of time, finances and actual work in organizing our flagship events.


2014 Annual General Meeting

In March of 2014, we held our Annual General meeting where it was resolved that a management committee made of three members will run the Secretariat with the mandate to implement our Strategic plan and to coordinate and report on the programmes. It was an important event that set the tone for the rest of the year.


Once again, the Education committee did us proud by delivering the following events;

  1. April 2014 saw us hold our main Flagship event; the Education awards at Kibra academy which was a resounding success with over 200 guests and about 30 awardees. The event took place on 27th April 2014. We appreciate and recognize the contribution of all members in the success of this event. In particular special thanks go to the Education Committee and NUSO members for their commitment and hard work. I would like to pay tribute to our community members who turned out in a big way to make this event successful. We have witnessed phenomenal growth over the years.
  2. The annual students retreat was held at WAMY academy in South C where we had an excellent cast of invited guests, the students, education committee members and other Haiba members. The two day event successfully achieved its objective of focusing the energies of our youth to education, values and career preparation. This event was held on the 23rd and 24th August 2014.
  3. Lastly, the education committee held an inaugural mentees forum on 28th of December 2014 where Haiba members interacted with our mentees to offer guidance and get feedback from the mentees. We had the honour of the attendance of members of the Haiba board and other members. Please continue to support this noble addition to our portfolio of education events.

Community Resilience

Ramadhan in the 2014 Gregorian year was in June and July 2014 and the Community resilience committee delivered on the promise to assist the needy in Kibra. We managed to assist 12 families thanks to financial contributions from all the members. A total of ksh 71,000 was raised. It is our prayer that this Ramadhan more resources will be available so that we can assist many more needy families inshaallah.

May Allah reward us with bounty and bless all the good that we undertake.

There is need to design and execute more projects that will contribute to making our community more resilient. Empowerment of our young people is key.


The committee had challenges meeting its objectives and it is our hope that this year will bring renewed effort and energy towards fund raising for the increased activities.

Sustainability of any organization is crucial. We can no longer continue to rely only on members contributions to implement our programmes.

The full reports of each of the activities by these committees shall be forwarded to all members to inform the planning and internalizing of the lessons learned in improving the implementation of our activities for greater impact.

Challenges Encountered

The year also threw up challenges which included;

  1. Planning
  2. Inadequate documentation and record keeping of our activities
  3. Inadequate number of members engaging in the activities
  4. Recruitment of new members
  5. Fundraising
  6. Structure and reporting

It is with these challenges in mind that the board in its meeting held on the 18th of January 2015 proposed a revision of the structure of Haiba Foundation as follows;

That there shall be;

  1. The Board of Trustees.
  2. An Executive Committee comprising the Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and two members. All these positions will be elective with elections being held at the AGM.
  3. There shall be functional committees for Education, Community Resilience and Finance & Investments. Any member of Haiba is eligible to be a member of the functional committee, including Trustees in their capacity as members.

In order to align our instruments with these proposals, the board has proposed a review of our constitution. As members please feel free to share your thoughts and proposals for making HAIBA more effective.

Lessons Learned

The year threw up learning points that should make us stronger;

  1. Enhanced internal communication will improve on the organization and participation in our events.
  2. We need to strengthen the Fundraising Committee. Members interested in supporting this vital function are most welcome to volunteer themselves.
  3. HAIBA should be a learning organization. We need to establish a system of capturing and disseminating these learnings.

Plans for 2015

The Board has approved the calendar of events for 2015. The approved calendar of events will be shared for your information and also for planning participation and contribution in our events. The exact dates will be firmed up by the respective committees and the secretariat. The immediate next event will be the Merit Awards scheduled to be held on 30th April 2015. I would like to request all members to support this flagship event by submitting results of our students who sat for KCPE and KCSE in 2014. Suggestions on how we can better capture this information on a regular basis will also be appreciated. We also need financial and material support and the Education Committee is available to share details of what is needed.

There is need to increase the membership of Haiba to improve on both diversity of opinions and to increase the financing for our activities. We call upon each member to take on this challenge of bringing on board more members this year.

Dear members I take this opportunity to sincerely thank you all for your service to Haiba and urge each and every one of us to renew and redouble our efforts towards our mission of making community dreams come true’.

For: Haiba Foundation Community Initiative
Dr. Asha Mohammed