Student Mentoring

The Haiba Mentees retreat 2016 just went down at Elsamere in Naivasha. Key topics covered included moral crisis amongst the youth, pre-marital relationships, steadfastness in religion leadership in Islam. Brother Mohammed Jaffer urged the mentees to be principled, assertive, and conscientious of social dynamics while all the time standing for what they you believe in. The disconnect between educational offering and ethical practice would be bridged through sincerity, self-awareness and having Taqwa.

With regards to relationships and engagement with the opposite gender, the mentees were reminded by Dr. Kalebi, Ms Aisha Suaib and Zuena Twaha to follow what is prescribed in Islam and shun the current embrace of Western models. There is always a way out of challenges facing the Muslim youth. They were advised to be open and discuss issues with their seniors and drop the ‘victim of stigmatization’ tag. Mahr shouldn't be a hindrance to get married if prospective groom's side/family is engaged. Female membership within HAIBA led by Amisa, offered to provide a platform to share and discuss issues afflicting female mentees.

Brother Said Gongo, Lawyer and Ph.D. Student at the University of Nairobi, covered the key topic on leadership in Islam. In his usual engaging way, he asserted that leadership is acquired and that all the trials, tribulations and experiences in your life prepare you to lead others. He illustrated this point with moving examples of the journey to leadership of Prophets of Allah Rasul s.a.w and Yussuf alayhi Salam.