Retreat attracts record number of students

The 2016 Haiba retreat between 19th and 21st August 2016 attracted 60 mentees. Most were high school and University students. Parents and guardians played their part and part-financed the undertaking. Haiba is thankful for the support is encouraged to improve this program further going forwards. The venue was the serene nostalgic Elsamere conservation centre, Naivasha.

The three day retreat had invited presentations, themed outdoor/indoor activities, mentees’ group discussions on topical issues, and games. Invited guests included Bro. Said Gongo from the Ombudsman office and Insignia team.

The two morning exercise sessions facilitated by Rajab Bilal seemed to bring out the best from the mentees. After Fajr prayers, there was only one thing in their minds-to take up the challenges by Rajab Bilal – jogging, cardiovascular and flexibility training. The mentees were in their elements and demonstrated vibrancy, energy and readiness to take on the World and effect changes! The lessons learnt were resilience, team work, leadership, discipline, self-care and healthy eating.