The Epitome of Excellence Prof Awarded a PhD in Surgery from the University of Nairobi

Prof Saidi’s interest in injury dates back to his residency years when he studied the subject for his Masters thesis. As injury continues to account for significant burden of disease globally, his PhD thesis characterized contexts, outcomes and documentation of major injury in Nairobi. Publications from this latest work include:

  1. Preliminary data from a de novo trauma registry.
  2. Mortality after road traffic crashes in a system with limited trauma data capability.
  3. Establishing hospital-based trauma registry systems: lessons from Kenya.
  4. Motorcycle injuries at a tertiary hospital in Kenya.
  5. Trauma deaths outside the hospital: uncovering the typology in the Kenyan capital &
  6. Injury outcomes in elderly trauma patients admitted at an urban African hospital.

Known for his quiet and modest demeanor, Prof Saidi has mentored many in the medical and other professions while being passionate about community service over the years. He’s given life to the mantra “work hard in silence but make noise through success.”He defended his PhD thesis and graduated with the first PhD in Surgery from the institution in September, 2016.

Haiba Foundation is proud of Prof. Saidi’s achievement.